Lecture - October 31

Lecture - October 31 - History 121A The Renaissance...

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History 121A – The Renaissance Professor Sabean Lecture 10 - October 31, 2006 “Village Self-Government: The Rise of Communal Institutions” Rural history in each nation is written differently because it was handled differently. No one can grasp the rural history of each nation corporately and cannot compare different rural institutions. German institutions – development of communal institutions (core example for Europe) Different forms of production bring different kinds of villages. Development of the communal villages was closely tied with the rise of population. Monasteries played a big role in internal colonization of villages. Manorial system – each manor was tied to another and was owned by the lord of the manor. The manors were run by serfs, and could only be run by forced labor. The center of farming was the manor. In exchange for money rents, many lords chopped up their land to give to the peasants so that they could receive their labor. It is better to give a peasant a part of the land/manor to receive cash income from what comes out from the land. As the money economy increases and grows, the lords are in need for demand of money, so they use their peasants labor to bring in production and income that would go straight back to them. The manorial system was based on “labor rent” – what the peasants owed was their labor
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Lecture - October 31 - History 121A The Renaissance...

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