Lecture - November 28

Lecture - November 28 - History 121A Lecture 17 This...

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History 121A Lecture 17 November 28, 2006 This Thursday – discussion on the reading for the next paper (Sexuality of Christ ) Bring questions and reading of Steinberg Attendance will be taken closely Thursday as well Final: Three Questions; at least one question from each section Bring Blue books Church and Domination: Cure of Souls The Reformation: the solidification of Most Saxons are Protestants (political decision to make a territory one religion or the other) Some territories tentatively would expel certain religions out because they chose one religion for that particular area France (end of 18 th century), under Louis XIV – all Protestants were forced to convert and were not allowed to leave the country but they did anyway and most of them went to Prussia This was an ongoing process in which territories were claimed and states would decide and created the institutions to make it clear which religion it was It’s not just a political decision, but with that political decision was the desire to have particular kinds of rituals and institutions for the state; these decisions had a cultural effect and the ability to develop certain economic activities It did matter which area had which religion because it would affect the society/city cultural (to have half Catholic and half Protestant would have many problems) Catholic vs. Protestants (book ownership was mostly a Protestant matter, internal contemplation); Catholics were mostly focused on rituals and practices The second half of the 16
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Lecture - November 28 - History 121A Lecture 17 This...

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