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The Reformation - Final Study Guide

The Reformation - Final Study Guide - Luther’s revelation...

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The Reformation: Revolution in pastoral care Changed the structure of the clergy And the function and role Rooted in the education and primarily rooted in universities Began by catholic practices which was meant to buy your way out of purgatory Construction of the public – 18 th century idea – public which led to freedom of speech The 2 nd public Within the church and reform churchmen centered in the public and the press (training pastors) The preaching movement stressed by the reformation As a result, it became an issue and caused discourse
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Unformatted text preview: Luther’s revelation – conscience Christ becoming the Christ of hope, rather than the Christ of suffering Will was bound by ungodly things; no matter what you do, the person is bound by his preferences and was bound by evil doings Christians have no business in reforming the world Calvinism = led to development of capitalism Zurich – stressed moral discipline Calvin – stressed election Confession comes after catechism Catechism is after sin...
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