Lecture - November 21

Lecture - November 21 - History 121A Lecture 16 Lutheran...

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History 121A Lecture 16 November 21, 2006 Lutheran Reformation Martin Luther – bringing the “simple gospel” to every man and every woman (scripturally based faith) Indulgences = pieces of paper that came from Rome that was supposed to buy you days from purgatory (the people who sold this, manipulated the situation and circumstance) Resentment of money leaving Germany as the way some people see New York or Los Angeles (cities of sin) – building of St. Peters was sucking money from Germany and it was through the sale of indulgences The word “public” was invented in the 18 th century –no secrets (especially governmental secrets, so that everyone could discuss the issues) The notion of public brought the notion of “freedom of the press”, “freedom of the assembly”, “freedom of religion” and “freedom of expression” The best ideas and the free market ideas would emerge When ideas freely circulate, reason will prevail and the best ideas will come forth Free expression leads to reason and to rational understanding how government should work and how it should be organized That the state could be discussed by normal people was difficult for many to accept The public was: The court The nobility Everyone else The public was the group to whom the king addressed If Luther had come 100 years before, he would have not had the same amount of success because there was no freedom of the press back then; therefore, when he preached a sermon, the use of vernacular was in his favor When Luther wrote anything, he could show the “new public” – the middle class person
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Lecture - November 21 - History 121A Lecture 16 Lutheran...

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