Lecture - November 9

Lecture - November 9 - History 127B Professor S. Frank...

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History 127B Professor S. Frank November 9, 2006 Goal: Stabilize the Russian economy to the point that they can raise the capital amount Vyshnegradskii – find the resources at home above all in order to find the capital that he needed * He tried to do this by reducing the amount of resources * He then squeezed the peasantry harder because he wanted to get more grain out of them to the state * He introduced various policies, in the form of taxes, not as his predecessor did; taxes that everyone consumed * If there were more taxes, then the peasants would need more money, therefore they needed to produce more grain to pay those taxes * Taxes on: Carotene, beer, vodka * Grain prices were at their lowest – which meant that the state was receiving more grain and less money * Peasants had no grain reserves to fall back on * 375-400 thousand peasants would die out of starvation because of the famine – this would cause Vyshnegradskii to resign Vyshnegradskii’s successor: Witte * 1892-1903 * Determined policy with a long term vision; quite successful * This decade that he was in office was the most important economically pre-Russian industrialization * He believed that Russia needed to industrialized as soon as possible in order to free itself from the West * He developed a modernizing ideology to go with the policies that he made * The state now became the main mover and shaper of Russia’s industrialization; made orders Accomplishments 1. Russia succeeds to introducing the Gold Standard in 1897 2. Massive railroad contracts begin; that they would successfully introduce other industries both heavy and light 3. An attempt to state capitalism 4. Creation of the completion of the Siberian Railroad between 1891 and 1904; 1896 –
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Lecture - November 9 - History 127B Professor S. Frank...

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