AA187C Week 3 Lecture 1

AA187C Week 3 Lecture 1 - AA187C Week 3 Lecture 1 1/22/2008...

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AA187C – Week 3 Lecture 1 22/01/2008 14:15:00 “The one [Kamehameha] who cares for the akua (gods) ahs died, and thus our  free eating is pono (harmonious).” – Hawaiian historian now they were free to eat whatever they wished, where before only certain  foods were appropriate Many Hawaiians were dying from European diseases such as smallpox and  measles (300,000)  Hawaiians didn’t really understand the details of these European diseases, but  they still took the time to eat only certain foods She observed that the European people, when they ate certain foods that got the  Hawaiians sick, did not get sick and also they weren’t punished for eating them even  though they were not ranked to proper to eat them She removed those restrictions in order for the Hawaiians could survive (kapu –  restrictions on foods) She also thought that the Christian God “Jehovah” had this mana (power) Lifting the kapu was a spiritual move to protect the Hawaiians in time of disease  and depopulation This ws a direct assertion (protection) of Hawaiian authority Liting of the kapu was a spiritual move to replace Hawaiian polytheism with  Christian monotheism (endangerment) This was an indirect subversion of Hawaiian authority She was directing placing her authority in order to protect her people presently  and temporarily, but she was indirectly subverting her authority for a long time 
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This note was uploaded on 04/02/2008 for the course ASIAN AM 187C taught by Professor Kamacho during the Winter '08 term at UCLA.

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AA187C Week 3 Lecture 1 - AA187C Week 3 Lecture 1 1/22/2008...

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