Lecture - November 16

Lecture - November 16 - History 121A Professor Sabean...

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History 121A Professor Sabean Lecture 15 – November 16, 2006 Late Medieval Piety: New Tendencies in Religious Practice The church is not a single set of thoughts; the church is very complex and complicated A simple complex – dogma – Christ is not only born without sin, but that Mary conceived without sin Mary conceiving Jesus – was she sanctified during the conception? Or was she sanctified before or maybe afterwards? Religion – route to immortality Possibility that God can work for you in this life God may intervene in your life and culture to work on your behalf Baptism – naming the child and introducing them into the social order; godparents (they are a counterweight to the family) – they give the name of the child and represents society to the family Very crucial institution; changes relationship over time Each person went through one social stage to another In baptism, you are not a full human being; therefore you weren’t fully into the social order If the child isn’t baptized, then they are considered to be born in sin because baptism, in a sense, cleanses the baby Baptism - Anointing and touch of holy water; this was a good ritual for people and many thought that maybe it would be good for animals This is why many people tried to get their animals to get baptized in order to “cleanse” them Childbirth and then no church – the child is in an unfinished state because they didn’t fulfill the rituals needed Extreme unction – a ritual that is performed for the dead; there was a big problem when an extreme unction was performed and the person survived and lived because the ritual ushered you into eternal life and if you’re still around, then that could be seen as bad
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Lecture - November 16 - History 121A Professor Sabean...

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