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Developmental Studies- Lecture Notes WEEK 1: Goal of class: realize the conceptual details “Industrial compression” for example is wrapped up in that part of world, countries go through large transformation from agrarian to industrial jobs. Week 1: What is the current state of the third world and its relation to a global economy? Poverty and what it means, how it’s measured, what you think you have to do to eradicate it, there are widely highly contest comments about it. Morals in the stories: the state of development. Patterns and trends in economic performance in countries in which there is or was mass poverty (China’s economic miracle” since 1978. Zimbabwe’s economic nightmare or “failed development” since 1978) a dynamic process of accumulation, development of markets, patterns of investment, class formation. Characterized by different dynamics. Compare the two, china was a capitalist system emerging out of socialism, Zimbabwe, looking like the obverse of it, inflation, commodity scarcity, 4 million starving to death. Thinking about how dynamic are these economies and are they doing anything about poverty? Major export of s korea wigs, in 80’s became a largest production of iron and manufactured goods. Is this successful free market capitalism? Market Leninism? Strong state control of economy. “developmental state” governing the market, it’s not about free anything, about governing stuff. What seems to be the different ways that economy happens. Different forms and strategies of economic growth (free market, socialist, planned, “hybrid”) all these have the possibility of making life better. Class formation and patterns of economic growth (Latin America’s, “new middle class”) “social stratification” in any country social and political distinctions, are central to the ways that the first two things happen. The first two have effect on classes. Ex: china and rural exclusion Keywords: poverty- what does it mean, how is it measured, poverty line (about 19 poverty defined as an income poverty line, measured by consumption poverty line.), growth. Development, markets, liberalism. Inequality and growth/development, rural-urban of china, islands of high tech development (Bangalore: global, millenium goals) Urbanization. Urban growth and the world. 90% of the people born in the next year will be born in the global south in developing countries, and they will be living in cities.
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Urban poverty is going to be key in resolving poverty. Costs of economic growth - development” carpetbaggers” (refering to the process by which the intro of the private property owners to well connected party-business people will be able to benefit. Those who are well connected politically can get more wealth). People who are able to move between business and the communist party, has enormous
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lecture notes ds 10.wps - Developmental Studies Lecture...

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