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Columbian Exchange

Columbian Exchange - The Columbian Exchange was the era...

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The Columbian Exchange was the era that Columbus and his men traded of introduced new supplies, foods and animals, to the New World. It is interesting enough that there are a many assortments of things that were introduce during this era with the most popular to be maze, but there are many other, mainly produce, supplies that are introduced from the New World to the Old. Some of the most interesting is the potato. I would have never guessed that potatoes originated in the Americas. The sad part about the trade was the exchange of diseases such as smallpox and other viruses. That caused a massive depopulation to the New World because the natives had not been immune to such a disease. But no worries, the Europeans got what was coming to them. In the event of the trade of diseases they also had, a massacre is what I would call it. And with that the Europeans thought that they were able to benefit from taking all the animals that were found, such as llamas and bison and so forth, they also thought that they obtained the nutritional gold. They took maze back to Europe with
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