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-1Garkay Wong SID: 18616594 GSI: Glenna Developmental studies 10: Section Exercise 1 What defines developing and less developed nation-states in my mind is the quality of life being led by individuals within those nation-states and the extent of their poverty which hinders their lives to a point where they lack even the basic necessities to sustain life and are given little or no opportunity to change that situation. In under-developed countries, billions of people are living in abject poverty with no hope of improvement or relief in the future. I use the term “under-developed” to mean not only that some nation-states have not developed to the extent of what we think of as “developed” nations, but that the progress in these nations actually fall far below what is even considered standard in “developed” nations. “Development” implies that something is being done to improve life in these nation states. “Development” implies that some of these nation states are actually making progress
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