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I came to this site for the view of the New World, a world of freedom that was desperately wanted by most of the Europeans. I, Captain John Smith, set out for an adventure; an adventure is what I got. When I arrived to the New World, I set up camp as soon as possible. I sent men out to search for food and other things that could be used for supplies. During the first month, we came across a small colony of natives. The Indians, of course, were initially skeptical of us. I set out with some men of mine to make peace with the natives. As I approached their colony I thought to myself, “What if something goes wrong?” However, at the same moment I realized I had to go through with it. I needed to speak with their Chief. As we
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Unformatted text preview: arrived to the colony I discovered that, unlike our thoughts of these people being primal and deprived, they are actually civilized. They mean no harm to us. As I approached the Chief, I found that he was a large man. To his right was a beautiful woman by the name of Pocahontas. I have had some what of a common relationship with this woman; I hope that this helps us meet common ground with the Chief. As I spoke with the Chief, we discussed the matter of land, food and many other things. In the end, we came to a very good agreement that benefited both our colony and the tribe....
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