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140 L 5.wps - Lecture 5 Arch 140 Storing Heat Building...

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-1Lecture 5 Arch 140 Storing Heat: Building Materials and Thermal Mass -Heat Transfer -Conduction -Radiation How building materials absorb heat, how we make intelligent choices about buildings. Factors that help us choose what to make buildings out of? -Cost -building type (residential vs. industry) -comfort, aesthetics -location/availability -climate/geography Properties of those materials will effect the building. Add thermal properties to the long list of things to think about in the building. Ability of materials to store energy and store heat. Heat is the movement of energy. Thermal Mass: refers to materials have the capacity to store thermal energy for extended periods. Applications: passive solar heating, passive cooling, commercial buildings, Functions: moderates indoor temperature fluctuations, reduce heat flow through Commercial buildings: internal loads/gains are in cooling mode even in cool climates. There are passive system or active system that is mechanical such as ice storage. Storing something when its not useful, release it when it is useful. Energy conservation is not just about using less, it’s about reducing the peak-load, shift when the peak occurs can sometimes help with conservation. Indigenous examples of thermal mass: the pyramids! The madd is mediating fluctuations of outdoor temperature. Cave dwellings in cappadocia turkey, caves several stories high,
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140 L 5.wps - Lecture 5 Arch 140 Storing Heat Building...

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