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140 lecture 3.wps - Bring LOFSAC to Thursday lecture to...

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-1 Bring LOFSAC to Thursday lecture, to section on Friday Print and Bring Lab1 to section, Review Case Study materials Check Email for final section assignments. Buildings have metabolism, heat from the sun might be desirable, or it might be a liability such as in places like the desert. Sun used to be the source of all energy Energy that doesn’t come from the sun Now-fossil fuels, petroleum, wind energy, geo-thermal energy, reactions between chemicals, tidal energy, nuclear energy. Before the 1950’s architects were very in tune with solar effects. Couldn’t just turn on something in the basement to make the building inhabitable. Kahns museum, sun can make magic with our buildings, but if you don’t pay attention to it, there could be a lot of overheating. Flush glass buildings. Tang medical center, always keep the blinds down, not to keep it from being too bright, but because the sun causes it to be too hot to be inhabitable.
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