Midterm Question 1 Notes

Midterm Question 1 Notes - selection methods • elections...

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08/03/2008 14:55:00 Merit system=contradictions Veneer of objectivity vs policy support Judical independence vs accountability o “On one hand we want judges to be independent and impartial. On the  other hand, we want all officials who exercise power to be responsive  to pblic sentiment and accountable for their actions” 55 o Neutrality vs representativeness o 57 “because judges function not as reprepresentivies but as neutral  arbiters, they should be selected on the basis of merit rather than  group membership o in what ways merit system can be said to be apolitical compared to other 
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Unformatted text preview: selection methods • elections o partisanship o uninformed decisions yes or no decision o low voter turnout so strong political views can win out o • gubernatorial • any of the selection systems can be tweaked to reflect particular partisan ideologies ← why merit system still preferred • any gross abuses by judges can result in them losing the election • bar association in power 08/03/2008 14:55:00 ← 08/03/2008 14:55:00 ←...
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Midterm Question 1 Notes - selection methods • elections...

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