Midterm 4 (with answers)

Midterm 4 (with answers) - Name:_ Student ID Number:_...

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Name:_____________________________________ Student ID Number:__________________________ Section Number:_____________________________ University of Michigan School of Business Administration Midterm Instructions: 1) You will have two hours to complete the midterm. Check to make sure you have 8 pages (including this page) in addition to the blank sheets at the back. 2) When you have finished your exam a) Read and sign the Honor Policy below, and b) sign the sheet in the front of the room as you turn in your exam. 3) For the short answer and problem section: a) Do not ramble on; but DO SHOW HOW YOU ARRIVED AT YOUR ANSWER where asked to. Even if your answer is correct, if you are asked to show your work and do not, you may receive no credit b) Do whatever work you want on scratch paper or on the back of pages, but give the complete and concise answer including the process of getting to that answer in the space provided below the question. c) If you do not know the first part to a question, do not skip the next parts -- even though your subsequent answers might be wrong, you will receive credit if they are correct given the answer you had in the first section. d) Any work that you want graded must be included in the stapled sheets of this test – DO NOT INCLUDE LOOSE SCRATCHPAPER AS PART OF YOUR ANSWER. Honor Policy We, the members of the Michigan Business School community -- students, faculty, and staff -- commit ourselves to do our work and perform our duties honestly. We understand that in striving for excellence in performance, our personal and institutional integrity is our most precious asset, and accordingly, we will not knowingly act in ways which erode our integrity. Because we are an academic community, honesty in our academic work is vital. Accordingly, we pledge neither to cheat nor to tolerate cheating. We pledge to share community resources, such as facilities, library materials, and computing hardware and software, in ways that are responsible and that comply with established policies and with the principle of fairness. We will treat each other with respect. We will honor the dignity and value of each member of our community. We will fulfill our commitments to each other. We will extend these same courtesies to our guests. We value both cooperation and competition as a means to high achievement. We are free, indeed encouraged, to cooperate to assist each other's learning, except in those instances when student members of the community are directed or expected to work individually. We will compete for the purposes of stimulating high performance and raising standards. However, we seek competition that is constructive, and which is professional, not personal, in nature. Finally, we accept adherence to the Honor Policy as a condition of membership in the Michigan Business School community. I acknowledge that I have been directed to work individually on this examination. I certify that I have
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This test prep was uploaded on 04/02/2008 for the course BE 300 taught by Professor Masten during the Fall '07 term at University of Michigan.

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Midterm 4 (with answers) - Name:_ Student ID Number:_...

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