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Lesson 3.13 Work File1. What are the life dates of Catullus?
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2. Why was Catullus considered a “new poet?"
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3.How was Catullus’ poetry different from that of the early Roman poets?
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4.What segment of Roman life does Catullus portray in his poetry?
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5.What are two types of poetry that Catullus wrote?
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6. He named her Lesbia...3 syllables to match her real name. Who was she?
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Unformatted text preview:Clodia. Sister of Clodius Pulcher 7. Caesar recalled Cicero to Rome. What did he do for Catullus? Enjoyed company of his father 8. What is the topic of the famous line "atque in perpetuum, frater, ave atque vale"? Catallus's brother 9. Besides the death of his brother, what grieves him about his brother's death in Troy? Dislikes Troy and everything about it 10. Today, we know Catullus as one of Rome 's most emotional and _________ of poets. Heartfelt