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Modelling for Configuration Copyright © 2001-2006 Infor
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Dynamic Enterprise Modeler (DEM) continued Copyright © 2001-2006 Infor
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3 Phase Selection Phase Visioning Stage Initiation Stage Mapping Activities Determination complete Activities Data Loaded Milestone Data Testing Activities Sample data Loaded Milestone Sim. 2 complete Stage Piloting Stage Realization Stage Migration Phase Implementation Phase Optimization Program Life cycle Projects Work Breakdown Structure
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Infor’s Dynamic Enterprise Modeling Tool: supports the selection phase enables a quick implementation process controls the execution Allows optimisations of business processes 4 DEM Mission
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5 Business Control Model, Functions, Processes Modeling Implementation project Mapping Sim1 Piloting Realization Sim2 Project Mgt Planning, deliverables, responsibilities, milestones, activities, progress reporting Initiation Migration Sim3 Modeling and Project Management
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DEM in project 6 Application, Interfaces, Migrations BCM Process modeling With the Processes modeled, the solution is defined (business processes and application) With the Business Control Model the scope and content of the project are defined single business entity Mapping Sim1 Piloting Realization Sim2 Initiation Migration Sim3
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Modeling The Enterprise Modeling on Multiple Levels Business Control Model Enterprise Multi-site Structure Enterprise Business Cases (Customer Order -> Delivery) Enterprise Business Processes Enterprise Organizational Structure Enterprise Data Model and… all the Relationships between these Models and… the Models Drive the Implementation and Execution 7
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8 Recei- ving IN Raw Mat OUT Comp. Manuf. IN Comp. OUT Sub Assem. Manuf. IN Semi Fin. OUT Final Assem. IN Fin. Gds OUT Packing C U S T O M E R T R S U P P L I E R T R Purchase Sales Requirements Planning Master Planning Production Warehousing Warehousing Warehousing Warehousing Production Production Set Up General Master Data Finance Facilities Service and Maintenance Quality Policies Information Technology Ship- ping Support Product Management Support Functions Business Control Model
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