06 - ERP Background and Scope (UK 2018).pdf - ERP Background and Scope 1 The evolution of Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP 2 Enterprise Resource

06 - ERP Background and Scope (UK 2018).pdf - ERP...

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ERP Background and Scope 1
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The evolution of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) 2
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Enterprise Resource Planning What is ERP ? Where did it come from ? Material Requirements Planning (MRP) Closed Loop MRP Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRPII) Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) 3
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The evolution of ERP 4 Inventory Control MRP Closed-Loop MRP MRP II ERP 1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s
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Position of manufacturing system 5 Production Manufacturing System Commercial Technical Financial
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Material requirements planning (MRP) 6 Master production schedule (MPS) MRP Bills of material Inventory data Ordering system
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Closed loop MRP 7 Production Planning MPS MRP Capacity Requirements Planning Executing plans
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Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRPII) 8 Business Planning Production Planning Resource Planning MPS MRP Purchasing Inventory Records Demand Mgt RCCP CRP Order Release Shopfloor Control
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MRPII supports all of Manufacturing Planning and Control 9 Demand plan Determine production plan Execution systems Detailed material and capacity plan Front end Engine Back end Based on Vollmann, Berry & Whybark
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