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Short Answers 1. The case of Marbury v. Madison is significant for three reasons. First off, the case set the precedent of the Supreme Court’s right to Judicial Review, the ability to review the constitutionality of laws. Also, this case showed the influence of political climate in decision-making. Finally, Marbury v. Madison shows that a small issue can have large results. 2. The percent of incumbents elected may not be a good measure of incumbent strength because incumbents only bother to run if they have already calculated that they are going to win. Also, incumbents have already established a stronger base of support throughout their last term and have better resources than their challenger. 3. The 14 th Amendment was instilled to incorporate the rights stated in the Bill of Rights to the local and state levels of government. Up until the 14 th Amendment was put into action after the civil war, the rights of citizens protected in the Bill of Rights were only in effect at the federal level. 4.
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