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POLS 1101 Midterm Review Spring 2008

POLS 1101 Midterm Review Spring 2008 - University of...

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University of Georgia Dr. D. Jason Berggren POLS 1101 American Government Spring 2008 Midterm Review Review Lecture Notes Review Quiz 1 Review chapters in Conflict and Consensus in American Politics textbook ---Chapter 1: Introduction to Conflict and Consensus ---Chapter 5: Political Socialization, pp. 161-179 ---Chapter 7: Political Parties ---Chapter 8: Campaigns and Elections, pp. 279, 288-298, 306-311, Figure 8.2 on page 312 Review the book America the Unusual by John Kingdon Review the Readings in the Choices reader ---Seymour Martin Lipset, “American Exceptionalism” (pp. 66-72) ---Thomas Friedman, “Two Nations Under God” (pp. 73-75) ---Benjamin Wallace-Wells, “Is America too Racist for Barack? Too Sexist for Hillary?” (pp. 76-80) ---David Mayhew, “Wars and American Politics” (pp. 81-121) ---“Electoral College Overview: How the Process Works” (pp. 122-130) ---“Clinton’s Comments on the Democratic Party” (pp. 151-154) Review Presidential Primary Election Assignment Key Themes/Topics in Presidential Nomination Process THE EARLY CONTESTS
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