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ANS 313 Exam 6 December 5, 2005 Name:____________________ Lab time:_____ 100 points total, 2 points per question True/False 1. T My name and lab time are written correctly on the top of this page and my writing on this exam is neat and legible. 2. F To increase intake by a group of cows, feed them a diet with plenty of effective fiber. 3. T Meat from cattle implanted with anabolic steroids typically has more steroidogenic activity than meat from animals without the implants, but the amount of steroidogenic activity is negligible compared to some other “natural” foods. 4. F Copper sulfate is often added at high levels to the diets of young pigs because pigs require lots of copper. 5. T Exercise usually increases daily feed intake in a horse because it increases energy requirements. 6. T An example of homeorhesis is the phenomenon of sending a copious amount of nutrients to the mammary glands even when nutrient intake is not adequate to meet the combined demands for maintenance plus lactation in a cat with 5 kittens. Multiple-choice (choose one best answer for each) 7. _d___ You eat your breakfast quickly at 7 AM because you have an 8:00 class. Sometimes you eat pancakes and syrup (no butter), and sometimes you eat bacon and eggs. Either way you eat 800 kcal. You notice that you are hungry at 10:00 when you eat the pancakes but not until 12:00 when you eat the bacon and eggs. Why might this happen? a. the pancakes digest more quickly b. the pancakes cause a greater release of insulin, which clears the absorbed nutrients from blood more quickly c. the pancakes pass through the stomach more quickly d. all of the above 8. _b__ You were so focused on studying for the last two days that you forgot to feed your dog. You feed him as much as he wants after the exam and he gulps down about twice his normal meal in 30 seconds and then quits even though there is still food in the pan. Why? a. his body temperature rose rapidly after the first bit which initiated satiety. b. his stomach was full and the stretch receptors signaling satiety c. his liver was overwhelmed with oxidizable metabolites and signaled satiety via the vagus nerve d. his blood leptin concentrations were elevated and signaled satiety 9.__d__ You have a cow. You have been feeding her really good hay. You switch to a very mature hay.
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2005_Exam_6_key - ANS 313 Exam 6 December 5, 2005 Name:_...

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