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ANS 313 Exam 3. Name: _______________________________ Lab group code: ______ Write neatly and spell correctly. 100 points. 2 pts per question. Complete scantron sheet for questions 1-37. Be sure to sign your name and lab code on the last page and turn in separately. True/False. 1. T F If an animal’s tissues run out lysine, they can generally use leucine in its place to synthesize proteins. 2. T F Taurine is an amino acid that is especially important for cats because it is a major component of the proteins that make up muscle. 3. T F Protein quality is more important for a horse than for a goat because microbial protein, which has a great AA profile, makes up about half of the protein absorbed in the small intestine of a goat. 4. T F The first limiting amino acid of cereal grains such as corn or wheat is generally considered to be leucine. 5. T F In an adult pig, most urea is produced in the kidney. 6. T F Despite the common misperceptions in the media, our best data suggests that the sequence of amino acids in most proteins actually can be altered by feeding different concentrations of the essential amino acids. Multiple choice. Choose one best answer per question. 7. ___ What are some general characteristics that distinguish essential from nonessential amino acids? a. they have more complex R groups b. they are not found in high concentrations in most plant foodstuffs c. they cannot be synthesized by animal tissues, whereas the nonessentials can d. all of the above 8. ___ When soybean meal (protein) is overfed, most of the excess N: a. is stored in liver or muscle as free AA b. is lost from the body in feces c. is lost from the body in liver secretions d. is lost from the body as urinary N 9. ___ What is the approximate ME value of protein in kcal/g? a. 2.0 b. 4.0 c. 5.6 d. 9.0 10.___ A monkey chow is 3% N. What %CP is it? a. 6.75 b. 12.0 c. 17.0 d. 15.8 e. 18.8 11.___ Too much NPN in a ruminant diet can result in incoordination and death because of toxic concentrations of this compound in blood: a. nitrate b. ammonia c. urea d. elastin e. alkaloids 12.___ The efficiency of capturing and retaining dietary N in an adult male raccoon is usually about: a. 10% or less b. 20-30% c. 40-50% d. 60% or more 13.___ This aromatic AA is needed at low concentrations in the diet. It is used in protein synthesis and also as a precursor for the brain signal serotonin. It is less stable than other AA and the processing used to make gelatin destroys it a. trp b. thr c. lys d. phe 14.___ Which of the following list contains only essential amino acids? a. lysine, methionine, proline, tyrosine b. methionine, tyrosine, phoneyline, cryptophan c. methionine, tryptophan, leucine, glycine d. methionine, leucine, lysine, threonine 15.___ Why is it necessary to feed at least some rumen-degradable protein to a ruminant? a. RDP is needed so the liver can make urea; without it, urine production would cease
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2006_EXAM_3_with_key - ANS 313 Exam 3 Name Lab group code...

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