notes-9-20-07 - 9/20/07- Abrahams original name: Abram...

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Unformatted text preview: 9/20/07- Abrahams original name: Abram (Exalted Father) o God changed it to Abraham (Father of many)- Genesis 12: 1-3 (God talks to Abraham) o Called the call o God told Abraham to Lech Lecha (go forth) Wants him to go to a specified land and make a great nation o First time God chooses one side, before that everyone suffered equally o Says hell bless ppl who bless Abraham, and curse those who curse him o Doesnt say why God chose Abraham- God promises Abraham and his wife many children, even though he and she are very old and she is probably infertile- Abraham is down, he travels to the paradise of Canaan o When he arrives, the place is a dustbowl going through a famine o He decides to head to Egypt for work and food- Genesis 12:11-13 o Abraham thinks the Egyptians will kill him since his wife is beautiful and that they will use her and stuff o So he tells her to pretend to be his sister- Pharaoh gives Abraham a lot of livestock and riches for his sister (wife)- Pharaoh somehow realizes that the plague in Egypt was caused by his relations with Sarah (Abes wife) o Abraham confesses to pharaoh o Pharaoh kicks him out but Abe keeps $$ o Essentially no consequence- Abe goes back to Canaan.- God tells Abraham to bust the childmaking o Sarai says to Abraham to bone down with the slave girl and have kids w/ her o Drama ensues between Hagar (slave girl) and wifey o Hagar bounces with her kid, and God tells her she will have many descendants Names her kid Ishmael- Hagar returns with her son, says he is the chosen one- Genesis 17:10-14 o God says all dudes must be circumcised, or else they will be cut off from his ppl o This is the first time something is instructed for everyone to do (Abraham and all)- Genesis 17:17 o Abraham laughs in Gods face and says Im too old to have a kid, and so is Sarah o God says the same thing to Sarah, and she laughs too- Eventually, Sarah does conceive and names her child Isaac (he laughs/he will laugh) o Her explanation: God has brought laughter for me; everyone who hears will laugh (all of the below are proper translations) With me At me For me- At a weaning party, some shit goes down, and Hagar and Ishmael are kicked out (falling out goes down or something)- Akedah (the binding) of Isaac. A sacrifice of Isaac....
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notes-9-20-07 - 9/20/07- Abrahams original name: Abram...

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