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islam notes

islam notes - Critical Moments 5 Umayyad Dynasty more arab...

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5/12/2009 Critical Moments 5. Umayyad Dynasty - more arab than muslim - Islam was pro-arab 3. Announced themselves to the world with the dome of the Rock 6. Abbasid Dynasty - Not shiia named it after a relative of muhammed - they move the capital to Baghdad - empire almost goes to china 2 Implications: 1) Islam becomes a pan-ethnic (global) religion under the Abbasid - The khalifs ceased speaking Arabic - the were still down to honor the arab roots, but not by preference 2) inaugurates a golden age of islamic culture - if youre fighting all the time you can’t have a golden age - at the time, Baghdad was like the center of art, science, etc 7. The Crusades - First crusade was the one that made an influence on islam - after the death of mohammed islam started to wipe out Christians (they all started converting) - 1097 Cursades started - Europe wanted to ‘rescue” the holy land - July 15, 1099 – Crusaders entered Jerusalem and massacred hella ppl - Holy war declaered by western Christians against islam - they fucked shit up hardcore, 25000 men, women and children killed - seen as the most frightening thing in the Islamic world One Implication : The most lasting impact was the way it shaped the rhetoric Worldview Understand these: - Who is God? - What should be our relationship to God? - How do we maintain this relationship? Who is God? - Most people were pagans at the time and thought there were tons of Gods - The Jews were the only ones who believed in one God - 5 Characteristics of God
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o 1. Tawhid (oneness) God can’t be broken into parts, he is pretty much the entire divine realm, nothing else is divine o 2. Takbir (Transcendence) He is beyond any idea and conception, is self sufficient, and hella crazy abstract o 3. Omniscient All knowing o 4. Fear-inducing Power o 5. he is compassionate and merciful - You can only recognize your smallness, admit your dependence upon him, and ask for mercy and compassion. This is the peace that gives islam its name - Mosque: That is where you sort of expose yourself, prostrate yourself in front of god. Masjid ( place of prostration) - In islam, we recognize our dependence before god - Unlike god, we are imperfect. We tend to forget who we are - Kufr = the root (kfr) means to cover—originally used when farmers put seeds down and covered them with dirt o In this case it means to conceal your true self - Shirk (Srk) = partner with, share with, so when you take the category of god and try to associate it with something else How do you maintain the relationship with God? - 5 Pillars o All muslims must do this o Shahada – Confession of Fatih Testify that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is his prophet o 1 st Pillar: Recitation of the Shahada o 2 nd Pillar: Ritual Prayer Pray sunrise, midday, midafternoon, sunset, bedtime (5 times a day) You always forget god You forget where you came from You pray to remind yourself from where you came from Apparently you can only remember for a few hrs
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islam notes - Critical Moments 5 Umayyad Dynasty more arab...

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