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Study Guide Exam 2 - Fastidious organisms that can not...

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Study Guide Exam 2 Lecture 11 Microbial Nutrition, Cultivation, and Enrichment Vocabulary : Macronutrients - found in carbohydrates, nucleic proteins, lipids and include C, H, O, N, S, Na, P, K, Mg, Ca, and Fe. They make up 95% of microbial cell dry weight. Micronutrients - known as trace elements and compose 5% of cell dry wt. Includes Co, Cu, Mn, Mo, Ni, Se, W, V, Zn. Used as enzyme cofactors. Cofactors - Autotroph - use CO2 as sole carbon source, called “self feeders”. Heterotroph - uses several to many different performed organic carbon molecules, ex. Glucose, as carbon source (majority of microorganisms). Phototroph - uses light energy for production of high-energy bonds (ATP). Lithotroph - uses reduced inorganic compounds (electrons). Organotroph - uses reduced organic compounds (electrons). Chemoheterotroph - uses organic compunds as energy and carbon source. Chemolithotroph - uses inorganic compounds (H2, NO2, and H2S) as energy source and CO2 for carbon source. Photoheterotroph - uses light as energy and organic compounds as carbon source.
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Unformatted text preview: Fastidious- organisms that can not synthesize de novo. Organic compounds are required for growth. Examples: Amino acids proteins, peptidoglycan. purines/pyrimidines nucleotides, nucleic acids. Growth factor- in nature, often present in very low external concentrations and therefore their uptake from the environment involves high affinity transport systems. Growth factor analog De novo synthesis- refers to the synthesis of complex molecules from simple molecules such as sugars or amino acids Lectures 12 and 13 Cell Division/Diff/Measurement & Batch/continuous Culture Vocabulary Durham tube Agar Sterilization Autoclave Pure culture Septum Endospore Propagule Sporulation Spore acid-soluble proteins Dipicolinic acid Petroff-Hausser counting chamber Laser tweezers Turbidity Generation time Exponential growth Semi-log plot Growth rate constant Batch culture Inoculum Liebig’s laws of the minimum Washout Signal molecules...
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Study Guide Exam 2 - Fastidious organisms that can not...

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