26_and_27 - LECTURE 26 anoxic zone-An oxygen-depleted...

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LECTURE 26 anoxic zone -An oxygen-depleted region in a marine environment. Fermentative and other anaerobes. photic zone - is the depth of the water, whether in a lake or an ocean , that is exposed to sufficient sunlight for photosynthesis to occur. Oxygenic phototrophs. oxic zone- aerobes and facultative aerobes, Allochthonous – organic carbon that enters the ecosystem from outside Microenvironment - The environment of a very small, specific area. Mycobiont - a fungus that performs lichen symbiosis that benefits both partners. Phycobiont - algae or cyan bacteria that performs lichen symbiosis FISH- Flourecent in situ hybridization- synthesize oligonucleotide (called the probe) specific for the organism you are looking for, chemically attach a fluorescent dye molecule to the oligonucleotide, treat sample of cells to make membranes permeable to the oligonucleotide, examine sample using fluorescence microscopy, only cells in which the oligonucleotide has correctly base-paired will be fluorescent. Soil separates- sand, silt or clay soil subsidence- Mutualism - When both organisms benefit Commensalism - When one species benefits and the other is neither harmed or hurt. Antagonism - Unidirectional release of an inhibitory compound by one organisms that harms a susceptible microorganism. Example: production of antibiotics or bacteriocins. syntrophy - When the waste products from one microbial gropu are used as substrates by other microbial groups. signature sequences
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26_and_27 - LECTURE 26 anoxic zone-An oxygen-depleted...

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