Ch7questions - (may use answers more than once): A. Nucleus...

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1) Which of the following is not a characteristic that chloroplasts and mitochondria share? A. They both have their own DNA. B. They are both double-membrane structures. C. They are both part of the endomembrane system. D. They are capable of reproducing themselves. 2. What is the function of the nuclear pore complex? A. regulates movement of materials across the nuclear membrane B. assembles ribosomes from raw materials that are synthesized in the nucleus C. communicates with components of the endomembranal system D. synthesizes and repairs DNA, the unit of genetic information 3. What is the cytoskeleton component involved in anchoring the nucleus? A. Actin B. Intermediate fibers C. Microtubules D. Myosin Match the following list of organelles to the following descriptions
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Unformatted text preview: (may use answers more than once): A. Nucleus B. Lysosome C. Peroxisome D. Vacoule E. Smooth ER 4. Plant specific organelle 5. Defects in this organelle may lead to errors in lipids 6. Contains an acidic environment to help enzymes to degrade old organelles 7. Contains pores for transport 8. Which of the following would be true for lysosomes that lack mannose-6-phosphate receptors? A. They function equally as well as lysosomes that possess mannose-6-phosphate receptors. B. They are unable to metabolize sugars C. They do not receive shipments from the Golgi D. They have unstable membranes Answers 1. C 2. A 3. B 4. D 5. E 6. C 7. A 8. C...
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Ch7questions - (may use answers more than once): A. Nucleus...

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