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Review Sheet – Exam #3 This review sheet is designed to help you organize your studying. It is not all inclusive – you are responsible for all material covered in the book AND in lecture! Before each exam, you should: read each chapter carefully review lecture notes be familiar with all vocabulary listed at the end of each chapter. Chapter 10 – Thinking and Language 1) Define cognition 2) Describe how we simplify objects in our world through concepts, hierarchies, definitions, and prototypes. 3) How do we solve problems? Distinguish between algorithms, heuristics, and insight. How do confirmation bias and fixation interfere with problem solving? 4) Understand the following concepts and how they affect judgment formation and/or decision making: Representative heuristic Availability heuristic Overconfidence Framing 5) Describe how belief bias, belief perseverance, and intuition affect our reasoning. 6) What is language? Describe the four structural units of language phonemes, morphemes, grammar, and semantics. 7) Know the stages of language development. 8) Describe Noam Chomsky’s view of how language is acquired. How do his views differ from those of B.F Skinner? What do cognitive scientists say about language acquisition? 9) Explain Whorf’s linguistic determinism hypothesis. 10) How do we use visual imagery? Give several examples. 11) Describe existing research on animals and their ability to use language. Chapter 11 – Intelligence 1) Describe the two controversies that exist about intelligence. 2) Understand the following theories of intelligence, and if they relate to general or specific abilities: Spearman’s general intelligence (g) theory Gardner’s multiple intelligence theory Sternberg’s triarchic theory of intelligence. 3)
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Review_Sheet__3 - Review Sheet Exam#3 This review sheet is...

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