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Exam III Study Guide - Department of Chemistry CHM...

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Department of Chemistry CHM 1220/1225 Exam III Study Guide Coverage: The exam covers Chapters 11, 12, and 14. Format: The exam will be composed of 10 questions (some may have more than one part) worth 15 points each. You will be given a periodic table. Chapter 11: States of Matter: Liquids and Solids Equations/Other Heat for phase change, Δ H = Δ H vap x mol or Δ H = Δ H fus x mol Clausius Clapeyron Equation: Δ = 2 1 1 2 1 1 T T R H P P ln vap Table 11.4, Types of Solids Given Values of R will be given. Operation Skills 1. Given the heat of fusion (or vaporization) of a substance, calculate the amount of heat required to melt (or vaporize) a given quantity of that substance. 2. Given the vapor pressure of a liquid at one temperature and its heat of vaporization, calculate the vapor pressure at another temperature. 3. Given the vapor pressures of a liquid at two temperatures, calculate the heat of vaporization. 4. Given a blank phase diagram, draw the general shape of the graph, label the phases, the critical point and the triple point. Identify the equilibrium along each line. 5. Given a phase diagram, determine the phase and/or phase change at specific conditions. 6.
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Exam III Study Guide - Department of Chemistry CHM...

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