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How can using workflow technology in physician query management help? Review of available physician query management software applications reveals the following benefits to HIM users, departments and facilities: HIM users can communicate more efficiently with physicians electronically than thru a paper-based, manual system. HIM departments will see improved clinical documentation when queries are electronically managed. Facilities benefit from faster reimbursement turnaround when the process is handled electronically. Departments have increased staff productivity when coders can stay at their workstation to generate and follow-up on queries. Patients benefit from enhanced patient care when documentation is complete and accurate, thus supporting continuity of care and better patient care.
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Unformatted text preview: • Some applications support built-in templates to help coders formulate standard, “canned” queries for common documentation deficiencies, thus saving time and communicating more consistently and effectively. • Coders can more easily track the status of physician queries. • Management can monitor staff productivity with a “transparent” system, not stacks of paper and charts. • Software allows management to more readily measure the impact of the query process on reimbursement dollars and to highlight areas for improvement, including overall query rates and specific physician response rates. Facilities can increase revenue generation and decrease chart backlog....
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