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Cameron Kirby Personal portrait essay Perspective is everything. For example, if you gave a picture of President Bush’s face (only his face) to somebody who didn’t know what the president looked like, they wouldn’t know what to think, but if you were to show them the same picture zoomed out from his face and have him standing at a podium with a presidential seal behind an American flag, they would immediately assume he was the president. When a person looks at my photo, what do they see? They see a person who enjoys being outdoors. They see a person who likes getting a little adrenaline on their snowmobile. They see that I enjoy doing things on my own. And more importantly, they see that I am not the focal point of the picture. I am a man who loves being out in the open. There’s no doubt about that. I just love getting out of the hustle and bustle and smog of a large city. Currently we have sixty four acres of property up in the Sierra Mountains that we (my family and I) go to every chance we can. During the summer I go up and mountain bike up and down all sorts of mountains up there and when we take our jeep up, we go find a nice big and rocky mountain and go up the face as far as we can, then try to turn around without tipping our jeep over (which has never happened with me at the wheel). During the winter we take my fathers truck, the only vehicle with enough power to tow all three of
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personal portrait essay - Cameron Kirby Personal portrait...

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