english essay 2 revised - Cameron Kirby The car Everybody...

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Cameron Kirby The car Everybody has one spot where they feel safe, like nothing and nobody could ever touch or hurt them. For me, this spot is my car. It is the only space I own and is the only place I can go where I feel safe being myself. I get this indescribable feeling every time I step into its doors. My “silver streak mica” colored Toyota Matrix has a personality and style all its own. If a person, who had my permission, were to enter my car, they would feel a certain sense of security as its doors closed behind them. There is no way to replicate the feeling one gets when they crank up the stereo and start driving to nowhere in particular. In the six months I have owned my car, I have had many good memories. I would gladly sell all my material belongings on eBay to keep my car (except for pictures and items passed down for generations by my ancestors). The place I call my own is the car I bought with my own money. Its silver streak mica finish always looks clean even when it's not. The handles fit perfectly to a hand, just inviting a person to open its doors and get in. The seats are a soft cushion which somebody could sit in for hours on end without ever feeling like their butt was in pain or falling asleep. Its steering wheel fits my hands perfectly, almost like it was made for me. The wimpy stereo leaves a little to be desired, but it is still a much better one than a
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english essay 2 revised - Cameron Kirby The car Everybody...

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