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Musical pass the "candy" around. When the music stops on a person the must answer a question. (Split the class into 2 groups first) if they get it correct, its +1 point, and wrong is -1. Also they can decide, if they get it correct, who the next round will go to. (We will say if the next question is easy/medium/hard before they must decide). If a teams answers the question wrong, then the other team may field the question if they choose or receive a new question. (5-10 second time limit) Which one needs a comma: After I brushed the cat, I lint-rollered my clothes. (comma) I lint-rollered my clothes after I brushed the cat. (no comma)
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Unformatted text preview: Walking home, I left shortly after Jane. (comma) I walked home and left shortly after Jane. (no comma) Give us an A, please. (comma) Please give us an A. (no comma) put the comma into the sentence: My father, a studious man, read the newspaper. The teacher read the essay, which she knew would be awesome! "I passed the test, but he failed." Dates and numbers: Monday, November 13, 2006 13 November 2006 (no commas, trick question) How many commas are there in: Million =2 Hundred =0 Billion =3 Combine the sentences: Stanley is clever. His friend is not. (Stanley is clever, but his friend is not)...
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