essay 3 hackers - Cameron Kirby 16 November 2006 Ms. Brogno...

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Cameron Kirby 16 November 2006 Ms. Brogno Cover letter I completely changed my topic from the culture of anxiety ridden elementary school children to the culture of the hacker. You were correct in the fact that the subject was just too large and I could no longer relate myself to the elementary age. I thought about doing the paper on anxiety in college aged students, but that would have definitely been too much of an undertaking. The hacking culture is one I am closely associated with, so it made the essay a bit easier. I know a lot about the culture and random facts about Bill Gates, so I wrote the whole essay out and then found papers and books which proved what I had said was correct. The picture I used was, actually, already in my archive of pictures, so that made life a little easier on me. Also, because I had changed my topic I felt sorry for my correctors. They had to correct a very rough essay which had no real substance. I included these, incase you wanted to see them, but I also included a rough draft of my current essay topic corrected by a dorm mate. She was able to help me see where I had to add substance and hopefully helped me sharpen my hook.
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Cameron Kirby 16 November 2006 Ms. Brogno What the hack? Computer technicians. Software programmers. Spammers. Who are these people? These people are hackers! Hackers can be neighbors, technical support people, and sometimes they’re even best friends or children. They can make a persons life a living hell-swarming computers with viruses, spam and popup ads-in a matter of seconds. Or, they can be the ones who make a persons life easier by taking all of the aforementioned “malware” off and help secure computers against future attacks from hackers. When one considers the image of a hacker, they think of a scrawny blonde kid who wears thick glasses and gets straight A’s in school. However, the stereotype is no more; the hacker culture has become a mainstream subculture. The February 1993 cover
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essay 3 hackers - Cameron Kirby 16 November 2006 Ms. Brogno...

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