EXAM 3 Notes-Brainwashing

EXAM 3 Notes-Brainwashing - Exam 3 Brainwashing Definition:...

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Exam 3 Brainwashing Definition: forcible (coercive) indoctrination (socialization/induction) of a negative attitude toward current relations (attachment, bonding, commitment, involvement) in order to produce disturbance and replacement Overwhelming external power that alters cognitive, emotional and behavioral processing to core levels of thought (worldview, ideologies), psychological states (ideology and emotions) and behavioral processing (choice) and enactment (action) OR Understood/common process of influence and persuasion orchestrated in centralized relational systems Presenting observation: intense obedience/compliance to styles at significant variance from prior style OR Expressions of alternative ways of action, thought and feelings the intensity of which reflects the excitement of the new/novel intensified by external control reactance Mind/Thought Control Definition: influence processes orchestrated in centralized relations in context of ideological totalism Deliberately applied stress and obedience producing processes producing significant, sustained and developable alterations at core levels of personal functioning Environmental penetration (f) behavior/fate control o Reconstituting identity consistent with externals (f) reward control o Access to limit (acceptable) range of adaptions o Destabilized psychological/interactional integration Is characterized by Environmental Penetration into: Psychological process Social interaction Institutional stability Cultural values NOT perception Components: Identity assault
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o Chronic physical assault o Interrogation Deconstruct self as fraudulent control by externals Assertion of past selves/cognitions/evaluations is resistance assault Indiscriminate search for escape No relief from struggle o Establish cult Universal/unambiguous condemnation Definitions of new style pervasive o Self Betrayal Renounce, sacrifice, mortify past attachment (cognitive, moral, emotional) Survival (f) rejection of past life structure o Breaking Point: complete psycho-emotional demise Absolute impasse with infallible context Loss of decision making, rational, reasonable capacity Avoid this by the notion of at some point, the system changes Another Definition Involuntary/sustained alteration In world view that is significant, discontinuous in contexts external to the induction context Characteristics - (attributed to brainwashing but not necessarily true) Sustained/discontinuous change – consistent/conflicting change Disturbance of life course Unstable life structure Enhanced dependency Reduced capacity for reason/choice – irrational Negation of past self Implant new prospective Coercive manipulation Involuntary World view Transmission Absence of pre-motivational states Defective cognitive processing Hyper-suggestibility Deployable : imposed internalizations acted on without direct monitoring even
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EXAM 3 Notes-Brainwashing - Exam 3 Brainwashing Definition:...

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