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EXAM 4 Notes - Social Relations Health April 6 2006 Social...

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Social Relations: Health April 6, 2006 Social Support (resource networks increase coping) o Instrumental (material aid) o Informational (knowledge) o Emotional (caring, trust, reassurance) Stress activities detrimental coping and activities physiological response increases risk o Critical faction: perception of availability of assistance Increase perception of coping capacity Increase affirmative situational definition Decrease stress, emotional/physical responses, maladaptive behavior o Support effectiveness (f) form of assistance consonant with demands of stressor Social Integration (decentralized relational participation) increase stability/predictability o Sense of community o Role identification Jubun – Japanese for “my part”, who am I? Professor, father, husband o Constructive psychological states (identity, esteem, security, adequacy) o Social pressure for health-promoting behaviors o Network accessibility/participation increase Social control Health promoting cognitions/behavior Social isolation (loss of a group)/emotional isolation (loss of a close person) direct cause of biophysiological maladaptive responses o Loss: primary source of lethal stress Attachment: primary source of resistance/healing Critical importance: assurance of accessibility o Supplemental relations Not part of typical relational patterns: provision of resources not otherwise available Less consequences Extra Notes: Can loneliness kill you? Can lack of meaning/culture/everything kill you? Yes Health is directly related to stable support. Loneliness, lack of attachment, instability – due to death of a family/friend Humanity – connectedness/anything that interrupts it causes stress and stress can kill
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Loss April 11, 2006 Primary source of stress (minimal – lethal) o Attachment: primary source of resistance to loss/healing o Critical: assurance of accessibility (people we know who are there, makes us feel better) Loneliness vs. Alone o Components of loneliness (loss/lack of focused connection) Emotional isolation: specific external others Loss of husband/wife Social/isolation: network of others By-products of emotional/social: self isolation (previously valued aspects of self) o How can I be a father when I have no kids? How can I be a professor when I have no students? o Components of loneliness do not yield to generalized defilation Impacted only by formation of attachment that repaid deficit Consequences of loneliness o Social/emotional relations are critical for health Companionship related to almost every known cause of death Lack/threat/fear of loss instability/relational stress Psychological social and behavioral factors enhance risk Frequency o How often do you find yourself do you say “I’m not feeling well”?
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