MISC. - The culture of healing argues these things are...

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Megalomanical- obsession with extravagant actions/things Stimulate- fuel Flexible- open Passive- inactive Indoctrination- principles, ideological point of view Deprogramming- counter indoctrination (cults) Deployability- bring or put into action Indiscriminately- randomly Integration- organization of the psychological or social traits Resilience- an ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change Interpersonal- occurring between individuals Conventional- conservative, square Receptive- open, interested Invariant- constant Dissonance- lack of agreement, conflict Concession- compromise All Fit together Social isolation Grandiosity (self-importance) Paranoia Siege mentality (blocked state of mind) Attachment is a primary source of healing Assurance of accessibility is critical in support
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Unformatted text preview: The culture of healing argues these things are stronger than actual practices • Self-determination • Reassurance of accessibility • Group process ATTACHMENT is related to • Social responsibility • Trust • Self-regulation • Security • Flexibility Open minds builds endurance in • Personal resources • Social connections • Coping strategies • Environmental knowledge Appropriate Negative Feedback is • Connected to specific circumstances • Constructive in content • Indiscriminately critical Optimal emotional functioning is characterized by • Resilience to stress • Expansion on perspectives • Enduring personal and social resources • Response to flexibility Consistency commitment Commitment competence...
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MISC. - The culture of healing argues these things are...

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