MISC. - The culture of healing argues these things are...

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Megalomanical- obsession with extravagant actions/things Stimulate- fuel Flexible- open Passive- inactive Indoctrination- principles, ideological point of view Deprogramming- counter indoctrination (cults) Deployability- bring or put into action Indiscriminately- randomly Integration- organization of the psychological or social traits Resilience- an ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change Interpersonal- occurring between individuals Conventional- conservative, square Receptive- open, interested Invariant- constant Dissonance- lack of agreement, conflict Concession- compromise All Fit together Social isolation Grandiosity (self-importance) Paranoia Siege mentality (blocked state of mind) Attachment is a primary source of healing Assurance of accessibility is critical in support
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Unformatted text preview: The culture of healing argues these things are stronger than actual practices Self-determination Reassurance of accessibility Group process ATTACHMENT is related to Social responsibility Trust Self-regulation Security Flexibility Open minds builds endurance in Personal resources Social connections Coping strategies Environmental knowledge Appropriate Negative Feedback is Connected to specific circumstances Constructive in content Indiscriminately critical Optimal emotional functioning is characterized by Resilience to stress Expansion on perspectives Enduring personal and social resources Response to flexibility Consistency commitment Commitment competence...
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MISC. - The culture of healing argues these things are...

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