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CHEM 122 Honors General Chemistry Lab I Sec 10647H Fall 07 Instructor: Dr. Vance Kennedy Office: Room B-109 Mark Jefferson Office Hours: MWF 10:30-11:45, M 2-5 pm; and by appointment Phone: 487-0018 or 487-0106 e-mail: [email protected] Class: 2:00-4:50 pm, M, 211 Mark Jefferson Textbooks: Imaging, available at Ned’s and the McKenny Bookstore. Description: CHEM 122 (1 credit, 3 hours per week of lab) is the lab course which accompanies CHEM 121, General Chemistry I. The experiments are based on topics covered in CHEM 121 and are designed to reinforce your understanding of those topics and to teach you basic lab techniques. CHEM 121 is a corequisite for CHEM 122 . If you withdraw from CHEM121, then you are expected to also withdraw from CHEM 122 (this can be waived at my discretion). Requirements: Certified Safety Goggles (after 1st lab). Honesty Policy: This course observes the EMU Student Conduct Code (see below). Final Examination: In Class, Wednesday December 12, 2:00-4:50 pm (See Below) Grading Policy: Your course grade will be based primarily upon your laboratory results (75-80%). Additionally there will be a lab final (20-25%). In the event (very unlikely) that I perceive a lack of understanding and/or effort on the part of the class, I may choose to give lab quizzes periodically throughout the semester (and adjust the percentages accordingly). Grading Scale: The following grading scale will be used: 93-100% = A 85-87% = B 78-80% = C 72-73% D 90-92% = A- 83-84% = B- 76-77% = C- 70-71% D- 88-89% = B+ 81-82% = C+ 74-75% = D+ 0-69% E These are minima which will not increase, but may be lowered overall by the instructor. Plus-Minus grades will be given. NO LAB SCORES WILL BE DROPPED WHEN COMPUTING GRADES!! An excused absence will result in the value of the Final exam being increased accordingly. Note: each unexcused absence will generally lower your grade by at least two grade levels (ex. B+ ____ > B-). Missing three or more classes will result in an incomplete, and if there are three or more are unexcused absences, then the result will be failure of the course. Lab reports will be turned in at the end of the laboratory period.
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This note was uploaded on 04/02/2008 for the course CHEM 121 taught by Professor Kennedy during the Fall '07 term at Eastern Michigan University.

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122SYLHf07 - CHEM 122 Instructor Office Office Hours Phone...

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