NEWPOLISCI2 - The Collective Joe Politics is the process by...

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The Collective Joe Politics is the process by which scarce resources are gained for a collectivity – any terminal group which people join. These collectives range from large nation-states, to small families. As the collectivity itself ranges in size, so do the resources that these collectives attempt to allocate. For example, a nation state may allocate resources such as new land, or natural resources, while the family collective may need to allocate only basics such as clothing, food, and water in order to sustain. Further, the collectivity will often elect a leader (through countless processes depending on the size and structure of the collectivity) or team of leaders in order to both make decisions regarding resources, and to wield power over members of the collective. The process of collectivities is complex, however, each person belongs to several collectivities and these examples help to illustrate the larger, abstract concept. An excellent example of a collectivity is the workplace. The workplace allocates scarce resources for its members (possibly stock options or healthcare). In addition, the workplace provides an excellent illustration of how authority is legitimized – how the people of the collectivity accept or reject the power that the “elites” (those who hold and wield the power within the collective [in this case, the board of directors and CEO]) of the collectivity wield. To illustrate, I will use myself as an example. I work at Starbucks, and Starbucks allocates many scarce resources for the members of its collectivity. The
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NEWPOLISCI2 - The Collective Joe Politics is the process by...

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