NEWPOLISCI3 - Freedom Isn't Free There are countless...

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Freedom Isn’t Free There are countless reasons why a society will choose to undergo the process of industrialization. The path to industrialization is fraught with danger, and there are many difficulties to overcome in order to industrialize. Currently, there is great social, economic, and political pressure to industrialize the third world nations, and to utilize them for exporting for first world countries. Further, many nations face a great internal pressure to industrialize in order to garner and maintain a higher standard of living. There is also a great social pressure for nations to democratize. For these reasons and many others, political scientists often suggest that non-industrialized nations commence the often-long road to industrialization. The first step to industrialization is the switch from subsistence production, to a method of production, which is focused on exchange. The nation can no longer manage subsistence farming, or managing to produce only what it needs. Further, it is necessary that the nation begin to produce enough goods that it can participate in economic exchange with other societies. Another step is that the nation must being to utilize non- animate forms of power to produce goods – the nation must look to forms other than human or animal labor in order to produce it’s surplus (the surplus now created by the shifting of gears from a subsistence-level of production to a greater-than-subsistence- level). The next part of industrialization is for the nation to apply it’s scientific and mechanical knowledge in order to increase its production ability. Moreover, the application of technology in the industrial field follows a sort of path dependence (the idea that technologically develops in a historical path [i.e. the development of the
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keyboard leads to development of faster typing machines, leading to typewriters, eventually leading to modern computers]); Schweinitz illustrates this idea excellently, “The country… …which fails to develop during the steam age, for example, will find greater indivisibilities blocking its path of development in the electric or atomic age.” This step in industrialization is greatly beneficial the industrializing nation, and has few costs associated with it. Further, nations often find it beneficial to share any new technology with all other industrialized nations, creating a wealth of rapid technology
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NEWPOLISCI3 - Freedom Isn't Free There are countless...

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