NEWPOLISCI5 - The articles on immigration in Malaysia...

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The articles on immigration in Malaysia closely examine the social, political, and economic factors that influence Malaysian migration. Additionally, the articles also closely examine the effects that immigration has had on Malaysia. The articles on Malaysian immigration also utilize comparison as a tool to analyze the differences and similarities between Malaysian immigration and other countries that we have used as case studies (Japan, Germany, France and the United States). While Malaysia has many similarities in it’s pattern of immigration, it has several striking differences, such as Malaysia’s former status as a colony, which set it apart. The Malaysian immigration debate is best viewed through the lens of comparison, which highlights both recurring patterns and unique situations. The article, Malaysia: Native Sons and Immigrants , by Milton Esman examines one of the most common recurring themes in immigration policy across countries: nationalism leading to anti-immigrant sentiment. Esman examines the effects that immigrants had on traditional Malaysian social structure, and how immigration affected society. For example, Esman examines how Chinese immigrants were often “more advanced educationally” and “more aggressive economically” proved a threat to the Malays, and a strong nationalistic sentiment emerged in the years after WWII. Furthermore, the Malay ruling class acutely felt the threat that these immigrants posed,
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NEWPOLISCI5 - The articles on immigration in Malaysia...

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