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Jean Marie Le Pen / Gianfranco Fini Essentially, Fini has been presented as the counterpart to Le Pen in Italy. However, the key difference is that Fini has enjoyed great success within mainstream politics in Italy (he has been a part of the ruling government several times). Fini was also presented as being a possible future for the Front National in France – if the FN can find a “pretty face” to put on, one could foresee the FN having great power. It could be argued that Le Pen is a continuation the bipolarisation of French politics and that the breakdown of the quadrille bipolar has led to the surge in popularity of the FN. Republican Model of Integration / Headscarf Ban The Republican Model of Integration has been viewed recently as having begun to break down. The headscarf ban is illustrative of this point in that the government is no longer able to simply demonstrate the superiority of the French culture and now must ban inferior, Arab cultures. The wearing of headscarves calls into question two important Republican features: the secular nature of the state, and the process of enlightenment through secular education. Viewing the headscarf ban through the lens of these two founding beliefs, it is easy to see why the ban created such controversy. The headscarf ban can also be viewed as a direct refusal of the French government to embrace multiculturalism – the government will accept no cultures but the superior French culture. November 2005 Riots / Islam The riots were not Islamic in nature – this is the key point for this pair. The protestors wore urban clothing not indicative of Islam, they protested in a classical French post May ’68 manner (they took to the streets and burned cars), and Muslim leaders called for an immediate end to the riots. The riots were actually Republican in nature – the rioters were protesting the lack of integration into the French model. That being said, it is noteworthy that the media both inside and outside of France characterized the riots (and the rioters) as being Islamic. The police in France entered several churches in an attempt to stop the riots, and internationally, the riots have been known as the “Muslim riots in France.” 3. The Republican Model and interest groups: Key Points: -Republican Model is highly suspicious of interest groups
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NEWPOLISCI6 - Jean Marie Le Pen / Gianfranco Fini...

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