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CS 201 Midterm Study Guide Agent - autonomous reasoners that recieve input, think about the state of their world. and then do things. People are agents. Autonomy - asserts independence. Private memory, ability do do what it likes when it wants to. Process - a single thread of control. Does one thing at a time. (Multi threaded processes do more) Thread of Control - Can do more than one thing at once Agent Applicaton - Collection of agents that solves some problem **possible question on test: inspector, busboy, cashier
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Unformatted text preview: Framework - enviromnent that forces some decisions on you. For example, Java is a programming framework that forces O-O on your program How Agents Communicate: sender composes a message, sender and recipiate decide on format of message, sender expects the recipient to understand the message. Recipient processes mail at his convinience. Sender has full control of the message contents. Once the message is sent, recipient has full control of the contents. Data in the message is not shared data....
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