Greek Myth - Greek Myth Study Guide The Four Principles 1.)...

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Greek Myth Study Guide The Four Principles 1.) First Chaos came into being. 2.) Gaia =Mother Earth comes out of Chaos. 3.) Tortoros , the pit of the underworld. 4.) Eros =God of sexual desire. Works on mind and bodies. Ouranos =Father Sky. Produced by Gaia by parthenogenesis. =Sacred Marriage. Produce 12 titans (6sons, 6daughters) and two sets of monsters (3 cyclopes & 3 hundred arms monsters). Ouranos shoves monsters back into Gaia. Cronus= (youngest son) castrates Ouranos per Gaia’s request. Male Titan takes supreme rule of heaven. Swallows own children. God as grim Reaper or Father time. Rhea =Wife of Cronus. Titan earth mother. Goddess of fertility. Himeros =God of sexual desire. Pandora =all-gifts/giving. First woman created by Zeus to punish humans. Beautiful outside, but evil inside. Hope =winged goddess at lip of Pandora’s jar. Thetis =sea goddess. =Prometheus’ son and Pandora’s daughter. Atlas =brother of Prometheus. Important Titan leader who is punished by having to hold up the entire world. Typhon/Typhoeus =love child of Gaia & Tartoros. He is snaky, winged, noisy, powerful, and scary. Zeus kills him. Promethus =fore-thought as clever and helpful. Steals fire from heaven for humans from Zeus. Punished by Zeus to have liver eaten by eagle, bird of Zeus. God as culture God. Epimetheus =after-thought. Promethus’ brother. Five Original Olympians Cronus vomits 1.) Hestia, Demeter, Hera (female)
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2.) Hades, Poseidon (male) Olympians join with Zeus to conquer Cronus and Titans Olympian Pantheon=14 Major Gods Poseidon, Hades, Demeter, Hestia, (Hades and Hestia sit elsewhere) Ares, Hephaestus, Apollo, Hermes, Aphrodite, Athena, Artemis, Dionysius. Zeus =6 th child of Cronos and Rhea; not eaten and hidden on island of Crete. Grows up with Nymphs and magic goat. Bird is an eagle. Known as cload gatherer. God of sky, rain, and weather with throne, scepter, and oak tree. Sacred place is Olympia. Lusty God. Boy lover is Ganymede. Imposes order with thunderbolt & lightening from Cyclopes. Zeus conquers Cronus and becomes new Sky God. Supreme head of Olympian Family and supreme lord of gods and humans. Protector of political and social institutions. Hera =sister of Zeus and also wife (sacred b/t sky and earth). Power from marriage to Zeus. Queen of Gods. Tall, regal and beautiful. God of marriage but not martial love and motherhood but not motherly love. Sacred place is Argos, Samos, Carthage.
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Greek Myth - Greek Myth Study Guide The Four Principles 1.)...

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