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First Written Assignment - First Writing Assignment I agree...

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First Writing Assignment I agree with the following assertion: “The different explanations for international migration can be fitted into each other to form an interlocking interpretation of worldwide movements, especially of Asians during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.” The four explanations of the mass migrations are closely correlated and may be the best explanations that the latest Asian American studies can obtain thus far. It is safe to say that no one explanation is the main reason why Asians migrated to the West; it is the combination of factors that led to the massive migration. The four theories of migration: “Pioneering Spirit,” Diaspora and Diasporics, Push-Pull, and International Labor Migration all intermingle with each other well that one seems to be a result following another. Although the very first Asian settlement in the United States can be traced back to the first half of 19 th century, it wasn’t until the second half that Asian migration went into a larger scale. Of course, there has to be a reason that Asians decided to migrate to the West. African slavery during 17 th -19 th century in the United States can be considered the very first form of labor migration. However, Africans were forced into slavery. The huge demand of slaves was a result of 19 th century capitalism. During that time, not only capitalism made a blast; Professor Gary Y. Okihiro states in his book The Columbia Guide to Asian American History , “Imperialism arises from the crisis of capitalism, characterized by declining profits, reduced
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First Written Assignment - First Writing Assignment I agree...

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