outline5 - The backdrop of Soviet-styled communism. a....

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POLITICAL SCIENCE 14 : (OUTLINE #5) TOPIC 3/ LECTURE 1: THE ASSOCIATIONAL REGIME The Economic Roots of Associationalism, 1919-1929 I. Associationalism: A. The cooperative impulse 1. Organizations of natural competitors a. Share information, set industry-wide standards b. Monitor compliance with standards c. Where possible, impose punitive sanctions on those who defect from rules of collective market conduct. 2. The challenge was doing all this without violating the Sherman Act II. The Associational Regime A. Business "self-regulation"; industrial self-discipline B. Federal government as a limited, non-coercive partner. C. A Regime that could cure the economic ills of modern industrial capitalism through regulatory strategies consistent with American values of antistatism, voluntarism, and individualism. 1.
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Unformatted text preview: The backdrop of Soviet-styled communism. a. Statist vs. non-statist approaches to planning D. Herbert Hoover as the visionary of the Associational State. 1. Federal government to facilitate efforts at business self-help. III. "The Second Industrial Revolution" A. Economic developments 1. Productivity Page 2 a. Labor saving technology b. Organizational innovation. 1) Scientific management and A Fordism @ a) Breaking apart complex production processes into a series of simple, competitive tasks (1) Henry Ford and the automobile assembly line. 2. Expansion of existing industries 2. Emergence of new industries a. The centrality of the automobile B. Economic problems 1. "Profitless Prosperity" a. Excess capacity and the problem of underconsumption 1) The collective action problem 2) The antitrust threat...
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outline5 - The backdrop of Soviet-styled communism. a....

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