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POLITICAL SCIENCE 149: TOPIC 3/LECTURE 3 (OUTLINE #7) The Associational Regime in an Era of Republican Ascendency:Efficiency, Open Pricing, and Codes of Fair Market Behavior I. Herbert Hoover and the Associational Vision A. U.S. Food Administration 1. A War Industries Board for agriculture a. Maximize agricultural production for war effort b. Ensure reasonable prices c. Minimize hoarding, speculation, waste and inefficiency 2. Administrative structure of USFA similar to WIB too. 1. Decentralized and heavily reliant upon private sector volunteers to staff organization. B. The Progressive Response to Soviet Communism 1. The Soviet Model a. A powerful state with a large centralized bureaucracy b. 5-year plans: production goals; allocation of raw materials, allocation of labor supply C all directed from the center. 2.. Progressivism and the concern social and economic justice a. Laissez-faire capitalism a thing of the past a. In modern democracies the state must a role to play in fostering economic growth and rising living standards. b. Restraints must also be placed on the of the strong and dominant c. Who should impose those restraints? Not the state .
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Page 2 3. The threat of the state a. Rejection of A autocracy @
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