Exam 2 - Sociology Exam 2 Deviance What is Deviance? o...

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Sociology Exam 2 Deviance What is Deviance? o Deviance- behavior that a large number of people view as reprehensible and beyond the limits of tolerance. (Tolerance varies, depending on time period, action, etc.) Disapproval is voiced by greater public Deviant behavior violates norms and elicits sanctions . This is the normative perspective on deviance. o Deviance is not inherent in an act but results from the application of rules to an “offender”. This is the reactivist perspective on deviance. Questions whether or not there is a set group of norms Or is it possible that the norms depend on the situation? o Deviance is Relative ( ex. Sharing music) What counts as deviance varies by: Culture-defined by terms of society (religion, norms, time period, etc)— macro normal variability Status- the status of the person performing an action determines whether or not it is deviant Group — micro normal variability Setting o Establishing the existence of deviance involves the use of power. Attributions of deviance are biased in favor of those with power. Social Control o Internalization of Norms (not just knowing but believing in norms) o Structure of Experience o Formal and Informal Sanctions (sanctions given by family and laws) Dysfunction’s and Functions o Dysfunction’s: Threat to group goals and values Negative examples and models Undermines trust o Functions: Highlights the “good” Promotes group cohesion Objectifies norms
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Exam 2 - Sociology Exam 2 Deviance What is Deviance? o...

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