Exam 1 - Geology Exam 1 Atmosphere Biosphere Geosphere...

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Geology Exam 1 Atmosphere, Biosphere, Geosphere, Hydrosphere o Atmosphere - mixture of gases that surrounds Earth (mainly nitrogen, oxygen, argon, carbon dioxide, and water vapor) o Biosphere - all Earth’s organisms, as well as organic matter not yet decomposed (dead plants and animals) o Geosphere - solid Earth from core to surface, composed primarily of rock and regolith (irregular blanket of loose, uncemented rock particles that covers Earth) o Hydrosphere- all Earth’s water, including oceans, lakes, streams, underground water, snow, and ice (excludes water vapor) Observations o Geologic Topographic controls Horizontal rock deposition Processes occurring today, occurred in the past Age of rocks Older sediments are buried deeper o US West has higher mountains than East Middle is flat Mississippi watershed encompasses 25 states River systems erode mountains Appalachian Mountains are older than Rocky Mountains Grand Canyon- see deposition of material, based on age Rocks deposited horizontally
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o Ocean- Why is salt water salty? Rain erodes and picks up sediment and deposits in waterways Circulation of water through rocks due to plate tectonics “water volcanoes”/black smokers releasing very hot and very salty water Rain increases flow more sediments and dirt are carried to waterways o Volcanoes Eruptions vary due to rock type- viscosity (resistance to flow) Hawaii is expanding due to rising heat plate Becomes heat source o Glaciers *** ALL GLACIERS IN THE WORLD ARE MELTING TODAY!!!*** 1850: 150 Glaciers Today: 26 remaining glaciers o Chesapeake Bay- How did the bay form? Why is Bay located where it is? Formed by a collision
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Exam 1 - Geology Exam 1 Atmosphere Biosphere Geosphere...

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