Biology Test 3 Review

Biology Test 3 Review - Biology Test 3 Review Chapter 14:...

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Biology Test 3 Review Chapter 14: RNA editing—only happens in eukaryotes—happens in the nucleus DNA RNA editing Protein Exe: ATGATTAAATTT transcription UACUAAUUUAAA -protection at end to keep message safe (beginning=5 prime cap/end, end = 3 prime cap (poly A tail AAAAAAA) -introns and exons actually get transcribed UAC UAA UUU AAA Exon 1 intron 1 exon 2 intron 2 splicing=get rid of the intron—EXpress the EXon During splicing, sometimes one exon gets left out, which would give you a different protein Mutations: change happens in DNA—chromosomal rearrangements (translocations etc) Unequal crossing over can lead to deletion or insertion LAC operon—found in prokaryotes Regulator promoter operator Controls lactose levels in the cell—break it down (lactose utilization genes) Its DNA so the first thing we make is mRNA. As RNA polymerase passes over the operator like a zipper, it makes the other side (it makes whatever is encoded by the DNA template into RNA). Make proteins thru translation You don’t want them there all the time… so negative feedback mechanism… regulator makes active repressor protein which fits (like a puzzle piece) onto the operator. So when made, the bind to the operator, and RNA polymerase can no longer bond at the operator. Lactose builds up in the cell… another pocket on the promoter that is shaped like lactose, that when filled will change the shape of the repressor which allows RNA polymerase to bind again and make the lactose suppressing protein Zygote—when it goes thru its first division, you get cell 1 and cell 2, then they each divide, cells 1-4, then again etc… this one cell goes thru multiple stages Cells tell each other what to be based on location (skin cell says be a skin
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Biology Test 3 Review - Biology Test 3 Review Chapter 14:...

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